PC Repair:
Our technicians can clean or service any IBM compatible computer. ATS knows what a hassel it is to haul your computer system to a repair shop, so we will come to you. At your convenience, we will arrive at your location and diagnose the problems. If we can't perform the repairs on-site, we will take the computer to our work shop, fix the issues, and deliver it back to you within a short period of time.
Web Development/Web Hosting:
These days more and more people are searching the Internet for information on just about every type of business. That makes it so important for businesses to be on the Web. Whether it is a web site that allows customers to do business with you over the Internet, or just a site that introduces who and where you are, and what you do, ATS can design, develop, and host a web site for you. If you already have a website, we can also host your existing web sites on our servers.
Customized Programming:
Why pay for a packaged software program, with functions that you don't need and will never use, that still doesn't do exactly what you need it to do. ATS can develop a software program to meet your specific needs. Each program is customized to your business functions, so that you don't have to modify your business to be able to use the software. The software is made to use with your business.

In 2004, Joe Pregler and Gene Ploeger established the business under the name of J & G Computers.

The initial focus of the business was computer repair and consulting.

House calls were J & G’s specialty. (Who wants to lug their PC somewhere every time something goes wrong?) There was not a lot of advertisement for J & G Computers, other than a few flyers and some business cards.

In the fall of 2005, J & G Computers developed and sold their first web site.

In Sept of 2006, Joe and Gene brought in a new partner, Jane Roussel, and incorporated the business under the new name Advanced Technical Solutions (ATS).

As Advanced Technical Solutions, the business now is focusing on PC Repair, Web Development/Hosting, & Custom Programming.

Joe and Gene’s working relationship began in 1998, while working closely together at Flexsteel Industries.

Jane also worked near Joe and Gene at Flexsteel Industries, where a special friendship developed, and has continued to this day.

Jane and Gene also continued a working relationship in 2002, while programming together at Advanced Data Comm.

Gene received a degree from Northeast Iowa Community College, and has been programming since 1998. Gene’s programming experience has been with Flexsteel Industries, Advanced Data Comm, Honkamp Krueger & CO PC, Crescent Electric Supply Company; and is currently employed at CarteGraph Inc.

Joe received a Bachelor’s degree from Clarke College. He has been programming since 1998, and has been troubleshooting/repairing computers since 1993. He currently works for the City of Dubuque, where he has been employed since 2001.

Jane received a Bachelor’s degree from Clarke College, and has been programming since 1997. Jane’s programming experience has been with Advanced Data Comm, and Flexsteel Industries, where she is currently employed.


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